Florian Tasser

Artist & Designer | 2D | 3D



The Collective Podcast
This is probably the best podcast from artists to artists right now. Ash Thorp and Andrew Hawryluk, the creators of that show have made it possible to really listen to deep conversations between Ash and the top Industry professionals they have in their show. There are Illustrators, 3d Artists, People working in motion and graphics, film, fine arts etc. Highly recommended.

Art Cafe
Maciej Kuciaras Videopodcast, more narrowed down on drawing and painting as they do demo art while they talk and also highly recommended.

Tips by Artists
Moebius’ 18 Tips about Art on Tumblr

Reference & Reference Tools

Youtube Frame-by-Frame and Timelapse. Awesome for finding the exact right moment in Youtube Videos to draw your character poses from.

Art Models Photo on Tumblr
Great Tumblr feed filled with good reference for the figurative drawing side of art.

John Buscema’s Lost Drawings on Tumblr
He was one of the best comic book artists from Marvel and a great Inspiration of mine.